de 2011-02-06

  • RT @debian !debian The official release announcement has just been sent! #squeeze is official now! 😀 #
  • RT @debian !Debian 6.0.0, codename Squeeze, is out! – #ndn – #
  • RT @debian !debian Well everyone, it’s been 19 wonderful hours with you. We’re signing off now. Thanks to everyone following and comment … #
  • RT @joenio ♺ @valessiobrito: !Debian #ReleaseParty em #Salvador. Quando: 06/02, 18h. Onde: Moema Batataria ( #
  • RT @tsolar now !debian has a new frontpage!!!! I’m loving it!!!!! 😀 #squeeze !FTW #
  • RT @lucman !Debian 6.0 #Squeeze released! #
  • RT @lucman El sitio web de !Debian tiene un nuevo look! Celebrando la salida de #Squeeze #

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Por ValessioBrito

Jacobinense, hacker, digital artist, front-end developer since 2005 and FLOSS specialist. Experience on media/networking solutions for governments and private sector. Undergraduate degree in Communications and Graduate studies in Free Software Development.