de 2011-04-23

  • RT @inkscapebrasil @valessiobrito e @wille já doaram ao !LGM — e você? #
  • #meferrei estou com uma confusão de chaves gpg … sniff… #
  • Perdi meu nick ps agora só tenho @valessio na #freenode user reg. : Feb 27 00:53:26 2004 (7 years, 8 weeks, 1 day, 04:12:24 ago) #
  • Muitooo feliz, fixei muitos bugs no agora esta quase tudo funcionando redondinho… 🙂 !Debian #
  • RT @debianart Hi, Now you can follow the new artwork posted on #DebianArt ! Follow me! !Debian !visual #artwork #design #
  • RT @debianart Red Swirl Debian, Click and Join!: Simple, click and join! #

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Por ValessioBrito

Jacobinense, hacker, digital artist, front-end developer since 2005 and FLOSS specialist. Experience on media/networking solutions for governments and private sector. Undergraduate degree in Communications and Graduate studies in Free Software Development.